The three step approach to stop climate breakdown and to reach the UN SDGs

Need a Short

What are the
threats we face?

We all know we are facing several catastrophic threats. Like:

climate change

increasing inequality

lack of food and education

social conflicts, wars etc.

polluted air, soil and water

All of them are manmade which means WE have to change. To solve all these problems
the UN is working on the
Agenda 2030 and 17 SDGs.
But who knows about them?

What are the obstacles the SDGs face?

The UN SDGs and the solution of our problems face three large obstacles:

Less than 10% of the population know about SDGs. Even less know what should be done to solve them.

Even if we want to act sustainably - we can’t. Lack of information an data keep us in the dark.

Lack of collaboration! Only if we get everyone on board we have a chance to solve the threats.

What are the key solutions to accelerate the SDGs and stay below 1.5°C?

To accelerate reaching the UN-SDGs we need three steps:

International collaboration to launch an open mutual IT platform to help everyone to act sustainably.

Reach, teach, motivate and inform everyone!

Empower the people to act sustainably. For this we need a digital sustainability navigation system.

All three solutions are presented here: The Universal Sustainability Education and Reward System USERS.

We need one open digital platform to
reach, teach, motivate and empower
the people to act sustainably and to
become part of the solution.
A „Digital Swiss Army Knife“ with many helping tools for all situations and sectors.
With 12 Artificial Intelligence Applications, entertainment and rewards.

Examples for raising awareness

Harry Potter
and the 17 SDGs
Here you can see an example for raising awareness using interactive entertainment and rewards to reach most people globally.

Here it is Harry Potter – but could be as well an AVATAR or Dr. Doolittle etc.

It has not been produced professionally and has not been licenced. So this is not for the public! It should just show how we can break filter bubbles and even reach climate deniers!

Daily News

Raising Awareness Through VIdeos on a Daily Basis

By clicking on the map a new tab will open with an example of the quiz.

Click on icons to see funny videos

empowering citizens
to act sustainably

To help consumers and procurement to find the most sustainable, healthy and optimal but affordable products we developped an augmented reality IT system which guides consumers at the point of sale or at home.
Green products and companies will win, “Business as Usual” lose. Here you see the APP prototype. It has proven to be able to double sustainable consumption

Other examples
Training and education with Virtual Reality

Building Energy analysis

Who is involved in USERS development? Who is missing?

Frank Dehnhard

inventor of USERS, electrical engineer and energy consultant and architect for low energy buildings.
Founder of Solarc Architekten and Founder of GLESI, The global Environmental Solutions Institute.


Hans Lak

sustainability expert and global social networker. Huge network to international CSOs and sustainability activists. Pushing the SDG message.


Divine Ntiokam

Founder CSAYN and Global Youth Digital Advocate for Agenda 2030


What is the roadmap to reach the Agenda 2030 ASAP?

The fist step is to establish an international alliance of different stakeholders under the UN. Philanthropists and impact investors will contribute to the financial foundation of USERS.

The development of each part of USERS will take about a year. After launch the SDG awareness and sustainable action will increase.

You can reach us at:

Global Environmental Solutions Institute (GLESI)

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